Old News But New News

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Though, I’m sure most of you who have stepped into my blog have already noticed,

but my blog is on a indefinite hiatus.

School has been crazy and so has my personal life.

Though I will some day continue to post my personal reviews of movies and music,

for now it’s just impossible.

So, keep me in your hearts, and thank you!


Open Thread #3

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I really don’t do this…

But current news have really… pissed me off.

I just want to say one thing.

I, wholeheartedly, support Jaebom of 2PM.

This controversy about his myspace posts from 3 years ago is so ridiculous.

He was in training.

He was new to the environment and the culture.

He made a mistake and sought out support from a friend.

So what?

He’s changed now. It’s been three years!


I don’t understand why people are attacking Wooyoung for supporting his band member.

It’s not a cover up.

He really does support him. He did nothing wrong.

If the posts (jaebom’s myspace comments) were done maybe even a year ago… then I’d understand why Korean Hottests are angry. But It was 3 years ago. He lived in a completely different environment and then moved to Korea (US and Korea are so completely different, someone’s bound to feel lost), he was separated from his friends and family and put into intensive training.

If those who are complaining about his actions… If you were put in his exact situation three years ago, would you not hate your new environment???

But obviously, he’s changed. He’s apologized. Why isn’t this enough???

Why were you checking his comments from three years ago?!?!

I digress.

I support you Jaebom!

I support you 2PM!

Thank you…

EDIT: I recently found this petition. I hope others will sign this!


Thank you!!

MYV382 ~*~ Allis R.

The 1st Mini Album

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The First Mini Album

July 8, 2009

YG Entertainment

Producer(s): Teddy Park, Kush

 From the “female Big Bang”, comes a mini album that’s appropriately named. Now Teddy Park is a genius when producing music. So I was excited. To say the least. Loving their two singles “I Don’t Care” and “Fire” as well as their unofficial single “Lollipop”, I had high hopes for these girls and their first album. And. I wasn’t disappointed.

The additional tracks “In the Club”, “Pretty Boy”, “Let’s go Party” and “Stay together” rounded off the album. Now… I’m not going to lie to you all. I didn’t like EVERY track. I rarely do. Some are just “a boring ballad” while others aren’t very interesting. Well, “In the Club” fell into the “boring ballad”. It had to be the weakest song in the album. I mean, with the name “In the Club” you’d think it’d be damn exciting, while “Stay together” would, in your mind of course, be the ballad. well, that’s what ran through my head as I guessed which I would unconsciously place in the 25 top played songs on iTunes. That wasn’t the case. I fought through “In the Club”. As in, it was killing me slowly as I listened. It was painful.

“Stay together” fell into the “lame; not very interesting” pile. Sure, it… sort of had some jive and dive. But… was it enough? Enough to make me say, forget the weak lyrics, let me just dance. Not for me. It wasn’t as hard to sit through, but it wasn’t easy. I tend to opt from listening to this track and move on to another interesting and yummy song.

But with that said… The remaining 5 tracks did them justice. Of, course, three tracks have already been singled out (hahaha I’m so lame). “Let’s go Party” and “Pretty Boy” were fun and good for the soul. Yes. I will go party. Yes. I will throw my hands in the air. And I will wave them like I don’t care. I will be glad to.


For their debut album, it was great. With the help of their sunbaes Big Bang and Gummy, I’m sure they will give us an album full of booty shaking, chest poppin’ goodness.

Below I added the MV’s for Fire (Street Ver. and “Space Ver.) and I Don’t Care. Enjoy!!!!

MYV382 *~* Allis R.


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Comfort (Vol. 4)

March 13, 2008

YG Entertainment

Known as the “Soul Queen”, Gummy comes back after a 3 year silence since her 3rd album  For The Bloom. Not only featuring Gummy, this album includes an all-star cast of YG Entertainment’s artists. There are many different tastes and genres of music in this album,  but it definitely worked. There is rap, reggae, hip hop, blues, R&B,  dance, ballad and pop.

The first track features G-Dragon, a member and leader of Big Bang. T.O.P (Big Bang) is also featured in her track called “I’m Sorry” as a rapper. Some other artists featured are Red Roc, 45rpm, Perry, Ji eun, and Skull, which are all signed to YG Entertainment.

I first found her while looking at a Big Bang video on Youtube. She was hilarious and cute. The thought came to my mind: “If YG Entertainment has Big Bang 2NE1, and Se7en, then the other artists must be fucking amazing!” So I went on an adventure acquiring some tracks on Gummy. And. I. Was. Very. Happy. Not only was her personality fresh, her style and voice just blew my mind.

The track that really speaks to me is “I’m Sorry” Featuring T.O.P. The emotions flowing from her voice spoke miles. There was no fake belting, no fake emotions rolling out from my speakers. It was full fledged heartbreaking emotion.

One thing that caught me by surprise. I played all her ballads (except one… which makes it almost all =]) to the very end. I loved them. Here, she brang the raw but soft emotions. It definitely gets her point across to the listener. She made me love R&B and what I generalize as blues. It was so amazing.

I definitely think Gummy came back with a vengence from her hiatus. I wouldn’t have minded having to wait 3 years for a new album, if this is what they gave us. But, thankfully… I didn’t have to wait. :D


There’s not much left to say, but…. CHECK HER OUT. I’ll leave you with the [MV] to “I’m Sorry”(which features T.O.P and Sandara Park!) for you to judge if you’d appreciate Gummy’s soulful voice.

MYV382 *~~* Allis R.


Don’t worry!

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I’m back.

With a new layout (sorry pat)

I know the header is sort of a eye sore right now!

I’m currently in the process of making a new one.

Some way some how!

So I guess this is my “Under Construction” Post!

MYV382*~*Allis R.

Lollipop Feat. Big Bang

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Lollipop (Digital Single) feat. Big Bang

March 27, 2009

YG Entertainment/ M.Net Media

Producer: Teddy Park

2NE1 is a four member South Korean girl band. They are often referred as the “female Big Bang”.  The single “Lollipop” was officially recorded for a LG Cyon commercial; it does not serve as their debut single. Just as their male versions. they rap, sing, dance, and have a distinctive style.

Big Bang and 2NE1 collaborate very well. Usually, when I see collaborations such as this, the MV seems somewhat awkward. Like, they just don’t know what to do together. But, with 2NE1 and Big Bang being so similar and signed to the same label, they move smooth and like they’ve been together for years. The choreography is sharp and hip, but at the same time the girls are able to keep their sensual moves.

The song has a touch of electronica and hip hop mixed together brilliantly. I loved it how everyone had at least a line in the song. In most collaborations with multi-member bands, only leads sing while the rest are left to the chorus. CL, Bom, Dara, and Mimzy of 2NE1 and G-Dragon, SeungRi, Daesung, T.O.P,  and Taeyoung of Big Bang are all put in the spotlight, which to me shows equality.

“Lollipop” has climbed the charts quickly. It was in the #1 slot for 4 weeks on M.Net.

4 Stars —> A

Here’s the MV for Lollipop

MYV382 *~* Allis R.


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Big Bang


November 5, 2008

YG Entertainment

Producer: Yang Goon

I came across Big Bang purely by accident. I thought they were just a boy band. Sort of like Johnny’s entertainment boy band, if you get my drift. But, there are major differences between the two… besides Big Bang being Korean multilingual and those signed under Johnny’s would be presumably Japanese.

Big Bang is refreshingly more R&B and Hip Hop than pop. There sound is like music to my ears. These boys can dance, sing, rap, and just look damn hot. I question myself every day to the reason why I brushed them aside ever since I got into the K-Pop scene. My life has not been complete.

This album has some new tracks, some singles, and a few sweet remixes. The sound of this album, to me, is more dance and R&B. They have the head bobbing electronica bass in Oh, Ah, Oh, and Sunset Glow, and the floating (but awesomely delicious) R&B Ballads in Foolish Love.

It’s with albums this good and tracks this addicting that I wish artists made MV’s (Music Videos) for every song they produce. The songs are so “soul-lifting”. If you’ve never been swayed to dance out of the blue by a good song, I’m sure you will be bobbing your head, swaying your hips, and making up dance moves once you listen to the first 10 seconds of the first track Intro – Everyone Scream.

Also, in this album, as in almost every single, album and mini-album, is a Solo track by one of the five members of Big Bang. In Remember, we have Strong Baby, which is sung by SeungRi.

These boys have major talent. G-Dragon, SeungRi, and Dae Young all either have a solo single, album or mini-album. They speak English, Korean and Japanese fluently. They have the voice, moves, and looks to be YG’s “Big Bang”. (hahaha… bad joke…)

4.5 stars —> A-

MYV382 *~* Allis R.